Remember Muslims around the world in your prayers.

Janaza (Funeral prayer) Today 20/08

With heavy heart we announce that baby Malak Shadi Sultan passed away. Inna lillahi wa Inna illaihi raji’oon ( To Allah we belong & to him we shall return). Janaza (Funeral prayer) today (20 Aug) @OmarMosque after Dhuhr Prayer (12PM). Address: 9 Foley St, Gwynneville NSW 2500. Burial at Kembla Grange Cemetery after.

Uthman Mosque Open Day

Uthman Mosque Open Day & Eid Festival TOMORROW, Sun 17 July 10-4pm @ Uthman Mosque, 59-61 Parkes Street Oak Flats, Bring ur Family & Non-Muslim Friends. Dawah Activates by well know interstate Guest Scholars, Prayer observation 12-12:30pm.Continuous Q&A session about Islam. FREE FOOD & LOTS Fun Activities.

Eid Al Fitr 2016

InshAllah Eid on Wednesday 6 July16.
Eid Prayer in The Sports Hub (Bld 9) Wollongong University @ 7 am.
IQAMA 7:30am SHARP. STRICTLY 7:30 please be on time. Refreshment to be served in MAWU. Please bring your praying mats and ensure no refreshments in The Sports Hub.

Pray Tahajjud and Do Etkaf

Tonight (Friday 1 July) may be Laylat Al Qadar, night better than Thousands months. Come to either Omar Mosque Wollongong or Uthman Mosque Shallharbour before Maghrib (4:58pm) for a FAMILIES IFTAR. There will also be Lecture by Sheikj Jamil in Omar Mosque and by Sheikh Nouri in Uthman Mosque. Do part or whole night Etkaf, Beg to Allah SWT for Forgiveness, Repentance & Blessings. Pray Tahajjud in congregation, Enjoy Nutritious Suhoor in Omar Mosque.

Tahajjud Prayer

InshAllah Tahajjud Prayer in congregation will start from Tonight (Saturday 25 June) @ 3:45 am followed by Suhoor. Etkaf for Men in Mosque & Sisters in Bld 7.

Ramadan 2016

Mufti of Australia Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Muhammad after his meeting with the Imams of different mosques have announced that Ramadan will start tomorrow. Ramadan Mubarak.

Tarweeh prayer will start after Isha prayer around 6:45 inshAllah.

Event Cancelled

We regret to inform you that Brother Yusha Evans is unable to come to Wollongong due to unforeseen reasons. Unfortunately we have to cancel this event but will be arranging an other one soon. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Please remember us in your Prayers

Imperfectly Perfect

EOL and Omar Mosque presents: International guest speaker YUSHA EVANS from USA.

Topic: Imperfectly perfect
Date: Sunday 15th May 2016.
Time: 5:15pm (After Maghrib).
Location: Omar Mosque Wollongong

Free BBQ afterwoods

Segregated Areas for men & for women.

Uthman Mosque Refurbishment Fundraising

Dont worry about Lunch Tomorrow-Friday 25 Mar16. Come to Omar Mosque with your family for Jummah prayer & enjoy Delicious Lunch. InshAllah, English, Arabic & Subcontinental Cuisines with Chilled Drinks will be available after Friday Prayer (Iqama 1:30pm). Uthman Mosque Refurbishment Fundraising $10/meal.

Lecture by Sheikh Khalid Al-Hibshi 8/01/15

Must attend Lecture by Sheikh Khalid Al-Hibshi, World Renowned Scholar on Treatment of Magic & Evil Eye & Founder of website from Saudi Arabia, TOMOROW, Friday 8 Jan16 after Maghrib Prayer(8:13pm), InshAllah, folowd by SAUSAGE SIZLES. All brothers and sisters are invited. Possibility 4 individual treatment bookings