Eid Al Fitr 1435AH (2014)

Mufti of Australia Sheikh Ibrahim Abu Mohamed has announced InshAllah Eid Tomorrow (Monday 28 July).

Get up early before sunrise make wudu wake up the family and pray Fajr together and eat some dates. Eid Prayer @ Illawarra Hockey Stadium Waples Road Unanderra 2526 @ 7am (Iqama 7:45 sharp). Come early for best parking and bring ur prayer mats. Remember to bring ur family and save spots by car pooling.

Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan Calendar 2014 can be downloaded here Ramadan Calendar

Ramadan 2014

Mufti of Australia, Dr. Ibrahim Abu Muhammad has announced that Ramadan will start on Sunday 29th June 2014. Ramadan Mubarak to all. Taraweeh prayer will start from tonight (Sat 28th June 2014). Isha prayer will be held 6:30pm (Azan 6:20pm) InshAllah.

Donation for Uthman Mosque

The total area of Uthman Mosque is 1392 SqM and the price is $590,000 + GST. One square meter is hence around $425 ($423.85 to be exact). Donations can be made to the following account. If your donation is specifically towards paying off the price of the mosque then in description field please mention “Mosque Price Only”.
Bank: Westpac
Account Name: Wollongong Islamic Society Shellharbour Division
BSB: 032 685
Account Number: 331 932
Swift Code: WPACAU2S
Donations can also be made in person at Omar Mosque Wollongong.

Uthman Mosque Open

Alhamdulilah today first Azan was called at Uthman Mosque in Oak Flats and we prayed Asar in congregation. The passion among the brothers in helping out and cleaning up the place for the first prayer was amazing. Many of the brothers and sisters have started donating to payoff the price of this mosque. May Allah accept the efforts. We will soon upload the payment details as well so any donations may be made online.

New Mosque in Illawara

Alahamdulilah we are in the process if buying a church and establishing a mosque in the Shellharbour region (NSW). We request you all to donate generously to support us in this project. We want your donations to achieve the running cost of the project (maintenance and bills) and also to payoff the the property price.

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) said: “Whoever builds a Masjid for the sake of Allah, Allah will build something similar for him in Paradise.” [Sahih Muslim]

Lecture on Tawheed

Telephonic Lecture in Arabic & English, by Sh Abdullah Al-Zaferee from Saudi Arabia, today (Sat 4 January) at 7PM on Tawheed (Oneness of Allah SWT). Lecture will be followed by refreshment. All brothers and sisters are invited.

Eid Al Adha 2013

Eid Mubarak to all. Eid Al Adha will be celebrated on Tuesday 15th of October 2013. Eid prayer will be held at the Unanderra Hockey Stadium 7:00am. Eid prayer (Iqamah will start at 7:30am sharp. Please bring your praying mat. Location for Unanderra Hockey stadium is: Illawarra Credit Union Hockey & Sports Centre, Waples Road, Unanderra NSW 2526.

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Day of Arafat (Hajj) 2013

The Messenger of Allah (sal Allahu alaihi wa sallam) was asked about fasting on the Day of Arafat. He said, “It expiates the sins of the previous year and of the coming year.” [Sahih Muslim]

Please fast on Monday 14 Oct 2013 (Day of Arafat / Hajj) and come to mosque for Iftar. Time for Maghrib is 7:09pm in sha Allah. All brothers and sisters are welcome to join for Iftar.

Treasures of Al-Asar

Lecture by Sh. Al Akkas from S/Arabia (instrumental in reversion of 7500 US Marines to Islam), on “Treasures of Ul-Asar” tonight(Sun 1 Sep) after Isha @ Mosque